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Although renowned for cartographic work, Silvermaze is a design, website, and print company, servicing both custom maps and non-mapping projects.

Our long experience in providing products for town centre management has led to the development of our VistaGram® Town Centre Way-finding System. The modular system includes Street Maps, Websites, Mobile Apps as well as Small and Large Format Print

The VistaGram® system which ‘begins with a map’ has a ‘one map fits all’ policy and the ‘one-stop shop’ operation ensures a seamless fit and offers convenience, efficiency and economy.

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We are a member of the Association of Town Centre Managers (ATCM) and considered to be one of the UK’s foremost mapping companies producing both 2D maps and 3D maps.

The remark we hear the most is “Your 3D design street maps make me want to visit.” One reason is because 3D maps cross all language barriers. The Metropolitan Police commended our London Map of Covent Garden in 3D for its detail, accuracy and ease of interpretation.

Town Centre Apps

Mobile phone sources predict that by 2016, one billion Smartphones will be in use and on average each one will download 2,576mb of data.

Obviously the Smartphone is here to stay. It is important that the Town Centre Manager looks at the opportunity they present so checkout our Town Centre Android Apps and iPhone Apps.

Interactive Websites

It is imperative that town centre organisations show support for their business community. What better way than an interactive website with online map, which leads visitors straight to their door.

Our street map websites are completely searchable, the map is easily panned and the innovative ‘Meet me Here’ facility is a boon for arranging business meetings, social gatherings or a brief encounter.

Print Options

We provide a complete graphic design and print service to complement our map production. Our miniature range includes our highly popular patented VistaGram® Little Book.

We offer standard maps and tear-off map pad printing, business card printing as well as printing postcards, coasters and t-shirts.

Large Print & Signage

Our maps are produced so that they can be greatly enlarged for town directional signs, window decals and wallpaper. Naturally, the enlargement facilities engaged lend themselves to non-mapping work

Online Catalogues

An illustrated brochure of our products for your desktop

Information Centres

We offer a range of Interactive Information Kiosks suitable for Shopping and Tourist information Centres.

Map Gallery & Testimonials

We are delighted to include examples of some of the mapping projects we have been involved in and the comments received.

Contact & Map Directions


VistaGram Little Book welcomes Solihull visitors

This new top-pocket publication contains details on almost 500 businesses plus a 3D town centre map and street directory. The Solihull VistaGram® complements the new Interactive website www.solihull-interactive.org which gives a warm welcome with details on the towns history and facilities with a complete business directory and unique ‘What’s on’ feature..

Solihull Little Book

The No-where map

A first for Silvermaze; a commission to produce a map of a non-existent location! The map featured in Arup's, the civil engineers, in-house magazine was used to highlight a number of the discipplines they are involved in, like under and overground railways, waste disposal and energy, hospitals and IT installations, airports and bridges.

Arup Map

Vandalism reduced

“Since putting your (Silvermaze) map posters in our information centre displays they have been free of the vandalism that they hitherto suffered from”

Boston Map

Council takes on BID map

Warwickshire County Council has now accepted the Royal Leamington Spa’s BID map as the town’s standard. Originally the map was drawn to encompass just the BID area. However, its extension has caused the council to grant permission to display it at information centres  and car parks.

Royal Leamington Spa Map

Newport goes county and beyond

Due to the popularity of the 2D city map with 3D embellishments produced for the Ryder Cup, Newport Council commissioned a wider area map in a similar style. The map highlights all surrounding places of interest and incorporates driving times from Newport City Centre. 

Newport map

Brixton Map the People

Hundreds of pedestrians as well as wheelchair users and cyclist were included in our 3D Map Classic Style of Brixton. The roofs were also taken from the many indoor markets to capture their vibrancy and colour.

Brixton map

Thistle Hotels London

Thistle hotels opted for the VistaGram® Little Book to furnish their guests with details of London and their hotels throughout Central London.

Thistle Hotels London map

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