Silvermaze mapping for print and web

Mapping and Design for Web and Print

We are a company whose team have a passion for creating, attractive, accurate and easy to interpret maps that give an appealing charm to any area and deliver pleasure and confidence to the user.

"Delighted with the result, people were even gathering around to view the maps while we were putting them in the information points" BID Boston

Our Service

We fervently believe as the experts, it is our role to produce high quality, well designed maps, guides, websites and signage that meet our client’s asperations within budget and without encroaching too much on their valuable time.

"Their (Silvermaze) professionalism and experience made what I thought a complex project seem easy." BID Leamington

Flexibility, Convenience and Reliability

These characteristics form a major part of our business ethic and have led to our ‘our one map ts all policy’ and ‘one stop shop’ approach, which enables our clients to realise their vision free of stress and complications.

"The interactive website, Little Book guides, tear-off hotel pads and signage are all now local favourites" Bradford City Council

Map Creation

Upon deciding to produce a map three elements must be considered:
- The area to be covered (see pricing hereunder)
- The map style to be used - visit our Mapping page.
- The products to be created from the map - visit our Design and Print page, and Large Print and Signs page.